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Presentation Skills – Cadets

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What we Offer @ Deeksha?

  • Importance of Presentation skills
  • Paper Presentations
  • Poster Presentations
  • Group Discussion

Soft skills tend to be more personality-focused, as opposed to being based on qualifications, technical skills, or vocational experience. That includes things like people skills, social skills, interpersonal skills, and transferable skills. Schools, Colleges and universities are slowly realizing the need to implement soft skills training in their institutions.

We at Deeksha cover above 4 concepts which are mainly required for Students in day to day educational curriculum.

Significance of acquiring these skills:

  • Organize information and provide solutions: By writing our own articles, submitting technical papers or solutions to day to day problems, will help us to organize details in a proper manner and publish them. Improves problem solving capabilities.

Students will get expertise on preparation of effective Technical papers, PowerPoint presentations and Poster (Drawing board) presentations – which all are used in every industry.

  • Good presenter: By explaining our written articles/technical solutions in front of a large audience, will enhance confidence levels, presentation skills, remove fear within us and make us ready to face challenges.
  • Group discussions: Group discussion plays a vital role in a student’s life. Group discussions in the classroom are not only beneficial for a student’s social skills only but also enhance their educational development and learning too. Some of the benefits of GD in a student’s life are discussed below.
  • Team Work: While working for a company, it is very important to work as a part of the team in an assigned project. This quality is really important and this will be evaluated through group discussion. You not only put your own points but also listen to others and then come to a concluding point. 
  • Enhance Critical thinking: It used in a classroom to improve learning, asking open-ended questions will encourage critical thinking and help students think for themselves
  • Improve Communication Skills: It is also used to improve communication skills as it can encourage students to become more confident in speaking up and asking questions
  • Help with Understanding: Group discussion use to help students to understand a topic or concept deeply which will stay for a long time in their minds
  • Assertiveness: Confidence level of a candidate shows up in a group discussion. It is assessed how confident candidates are, while putting up their opinion in front of others.
  • Exchange of Ideas: With the help of group discussion the exchange of ideas takes place. As every member participated in the discussion put his/her thoughts on the table and this makes the diversity in the ideas.
  • Leadership Qualities: Group discussion clearly indicates who amongst all the participants is taking the lead and who is a passive contestant.